ASI's Employment Services

In Tippecanoe, Montgomery, and Clinton counties, Abilities Services works with individuals who are seeking employment but may need assistance in locating, applying for, training, and maintaining a job. Most commonly, individuals for Employment Services are referred through Vocational Rehabilitation.

ASI Employment and Training Specialists (ETS) work with individuals to identify job-related strengths and interests in order to place the person in a position where he/she can be successful. The ETS maintains good working relationships with many employers in the community to assist with job placements when they have a good match.

Once a person is placed in a job, the ETS continues to provide assistance to the consumer to make sure he/she has the right skills to be successful. The Employment and Training Specialist helps coordinate any needs between the employer and employee to make sure it will be a long-term placement. 

What are employment services?

Employment services provide educational and vocational opportunities to help individuals pursue careers of choice.  After developing an individualized plan with the client’s input, we provide several or all of these services:

Vocational evaluation: Our employment specialist meets one on one with qualified persons to determine their wants and abilities.  We gather extensive background information that includes education, employment, and family history.

Job readiness training:  Some individuals need additional training before pursuing employment.  Our staff may train the individuals themselves, help them locate books or manuals to gain the necessary education, or assist them in signing up for continuing education or college coursework.

Job search:  Our staff assists individuals in searching newspaper advertisements and the Internet, phoning employers, and dropping by workplaces to determine current employment needs.

Job development:  Once an employer or position is identified through a job search, our staff will begin to work with the individual to help him or her obtain the position.

Job shadowing:  Employment specialists may also work side by side with individuals while they perfect their performance.

Follow along services:  Once individuals are working on their own, staff may observe them occasionally at the workplace to ensure they’re still meeting employment expectations.

Who receives services?

Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS), a program of the Bureau of Rehabilitation Service (BRS), provides quality, individualized services to enhance and support people with disabilities to prepare for, obtain or retain employment. Through active participation in their rehabilitation, people with disabilities achieve a greater level of independence in their work place and living environments. To contact Vocational Rehabilitation Services, call toll-free 877-847-9892.

Learn more

If you believe that you or someone you know could benefit from our services, please contact us at 1-800-362-4021 or locally in Crawfordsville at 765-362-4020, in Frankfort at 765-659-4631 or in Lafayette at 765-446-9201. Our staff will be happy to assess your needs and assist in determining eligibility.