Day services

In Tippecanoe, Clinton, and Montgomery counties, ASI offers Day Services programming Monday through Friday. The goal of Day Services is to give consumers an opportunity to socialize, learn new skills, and enjoy a meaningful day.

Activities at our Day Services include things such as cooking labs, community volunteering, arts and crafts, and activities of daily living. Each consumer has goals individualized to their area of interest and need as well as to their functioning level. These are monitored by Day Services staff in an easy to understand manner to help show consumers’ and their families their progress.

Day Service consumers also participate in skill-building groups that address issues such as communication, relationships, community safety, hygiene, menu planning, shopping, budgeting, and other topics that help improve their quality of life.

Assisted Employment Services In Crawfordsville and Frankfort, Indiana (Pre-vocational)

At ASI’s Montgomery and Clinton County locations, consumers may also choose to participate in Assisted Work Services in addition to or in place of Day Services. This involves assisting our manufacturing partners with their work activities on-site at ASI. Consumers who participate in this program are eligible for payment. To perform such services, the consumer needs their Individualized Support Plan to include pre-vocational services.